Billing software in Europe: Latvia

Electronic invoicing and billing software become more and more popular in Latvia. However, paper invoices are still issued by companies. Basically large enterprises and companies that provide some public services send electronic invoices. Billing software is more useful exactly for large companies, because they spend a lot of money for invoicing.

A lot of companies in Latvia offered their customers to choose, whether they want to receive free electronic invoices or to pay for paper invoices. For receiving paper invoice you need to pay about 1.40 EUR. Of course mostly people have chosen free electronic invoicing. More difficult is with people who don’t use computer and internet (e.g. pensioners). Anyway it is very effective way to force customers agree with electronic invoicing. For enterprises it is obviously advantageous too. Using billing software instead of sending paper invoices let them cut costs and simplify the process of invoicing. Billing software is indispensable especially in sending recurring invoices.

Legislation about electronic invoicing is not still harmonized. Some companies send invoices with the disclaimer that the invoice is prepared electronically and is valid without signature. They truly believe that invoices sent electronically without signature could be wholesome payment document. Electronic invoice sent using billing software, should have electronic signature. The only exception is when you have contract with the invoice receiver. Then the invoice could be sent without any signature on the ground of the contract.

As the billing software and electronic bills get more popular among companies, unique electronic signature was created in 2011. The only thing that is needed for e-signature is internet. You can get the signature on the web portal Signing the document is also made through that web portal, which takes just 2 minutes to sign a document.

27 Apr 2012