Find Real Estates in Sweden

20 Oct 2013

The Swedish Real Estate Market Sweden has lots of great real estates in circulation, people are quite willing to sell off real estates if the price is right. The market is, however, as varied as the country itself. There is no comparison to the real estate market in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö to that of [...]

Green invoicing for small business

30 Jul 2012

Last year our small hippie business got really tired of Invoicing as we implemented it in our daily work. We went already Green last year, as we decided to send invoices by paper only to those who really demand it. But still it was not enough, because of the big chaos in our data bank. [...]

Billing software in Europe: Latvia

27 Apr 2012

Electronic invoicing and billing software become more and more popular in Latvia. However, paper invoices are still issued by companies. Basically large enterprises and companies that provide some public services send electronic invoices. Billing software is more useful exactly for large companies, because they spend a lot of money for invoicing. A lot of companies [...]