Green invoicing for small business

Last year our small hippie business got really tired of Invoicing as we implemented it in our daily work. We went already Green last year, as we decided to send invoices by paper only to those who really demand it. But still it was not enough, because of the big chaos in our data bank. A small and hippie business like ours can't really implement super strict rules. So some invoices where made in MS Word, some in Excel, some somewhere else. As those Invoices were created by different people in different times, we often forget to store them in some common place and so sometimes they got lost. It was a pretty big chaos with a disaster in the end – when hard drive goes dead, all the data goes with it (I'm sure You know this). And I will never forget how ugly and unprofessional were our invoice templates.

So we decided that, if we can't discipline our selves, maybe a organized invoicing software can do that for as. Couldn't really afford some expensive bookkeeping software, that anyway will take to much of our time – shipping and than learning it. So my friend found out about those online solutions. Everything is set up in a web page, where then you can work with your invoices. So basically we need one account (share our user data) and we can already start to work with it. Still we needed something simple and not very expensive. Our business is not very big with astonishing income, so there are things that we can afford and there are things that we can't.

We started to search in Google and after a half hour of trying this and that, we came along this invoicing software. I don't want to sound like guy from TV spot, but for our business this was the best choice. When we created a new account, the software guided as trough 3 simple steps for starting our daily invoicing. No big learning session was needed, what we could not see about other online solutions. But whatever. Now we are Green and organized- our data is in one common format and saved in one place, and we are very happy with professional non ugly invoicing templates.

30 Jul 2012